Social Media Marketing/Advertising

Social media can be tricky. On one end, it’s the best place to stay connected with friends and acquaintances. On the other end, it has become a marketers dream where potential customers can find your product if you market it to them properly. And, yes, I am ignoring the sad side of social media: political fights. But, we can all get past that!

Can You Sell on Social Media?

The easy answer to this is “Yes!” The proper answer to this is “Depends.” People do not come to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-In or Instagram to see advertising. We already hate TV and radio commercials, why do we want to see them on our social media channels? Why? Because if the ad we see on our timelines speaks to us based on our interests or behaviors, we MIGHT take action.

All of us have given Facebook (and by proxy, Instagram) a whole bunch of information about ourselves; we let everyone know what we like, dislike, do on weekends, where we work, where we went to school, where we eat and drink, etc. Twitter and Pinterest have the same sorts of data as well. It’s a marketer’s dream! But, how do you harness all that data and get people on social media to buy from you or use your services?

Social Media Branding and Selling

Your business social channels should be about you, your product and services AND about your community and industry. What most people do wrong on social media with their business pages is try to sell ALL THE TIME. This is a mistake that I can help you correct. I can also help you determine the audience that needs to hear your message and will possibly purchase from you on ANY social media channel. Social media is about engaging, talking to people, and then giving them a reason to take action with paid advertising.

Learn how SynRG Marketing can make your social presence better and can sell on social for you!

Social Media Clients (Management and Advertising)

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