Email Marketing

Don’t let anyone tell you email marketing doesn’t work. More than 2 billion emails sent by businesses to potential customers are opened on mobile phones each year. Of that astoundingly high number, more than 60% see some sort of action taken, whether that’s going to the website for more information or clicking on an item to purchase it.

Make Email Marketing Work For You

How many emails should I send per month? What makes an email get opened and see some sort of action taken? Why would people want to sign-up for one of my emails anyway? The biggest reason email marketing works is simple: the person has taken the time to give you their information and they expect to get something out of it. The biggest reason email marketing fails is simple: time and effort isn’t placed into the content creation. Are your emails segmented to your proper audience? Are you automating them properly? Do you use a drip campaign? Are you offering the right things to the right people?

Let’s build an email marketing campaign that works for your business!