Digital Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of moving parts to any digital marketing campaign. How will social play a part? Are you going to spend money on digital advertising? How much should we spend on the advertising with Google and Facebook? Who is the target audience? Will gathering email leads help? Can we create a video for the campaign and what will that look like? Do we need to blog for the campaign prior during and after?

Each campaign is different. But if you have a viable digital marketing strategy in place with your marketing team, campaigns can be run smoothly and effectively.

I can work with your established marketing team to create viable strategies prior and during a campaign. I can work on specifics with your team or consult with them on best practices as well as go over data from past campaigns to determine what worked, what didn’t and how to move forward. I can either do portions of the campaign for you and your team or just work in a consulting capacity.

Let’s set-up a digital marketing strategy that works for your business!