Content Writing

You have a great business idea or your business is up and running but you just aren’t getting the traffic into your shop or onto your website.

It’s because of your content.

Many people struggle talking about themselves or their ideas. It is even harder to communicate those ideas via the written word. Content is what makes the internet work. Searches are made up of words. If you don’t have the right words on the page or the media tagged properly for the search engines, you won’t get found in a search.

But you don’t just need words “stacked” onto a page. That’s how search used to work in the late 90s and early 2000s. Website builders and Search Engine Marketers would place the keywords all over the website trying to game the search system.

The content you need NOW on your website now has to be engaging. You need to tell a story. You need people to truly understand who you are, what you do and why they should use your services or buy your products. And you need people who find you to stay on your website and take some sort of action.

Content is Storytelling.

Storytelling doesn’t come easy for everyone. There was a reason tribes honored the storytellers who kept everyone captivated around the fires. There is a reason we value authors who write compelling fiction and non-fiction. There is a reason you need to have good content on your website.

I am a professional writer and content creator. I will sit with you, figure out YOUR story and tell that story for you on your website and/or blog. Let your potential clients and customers find you via your great content!

Let’s talk about YOU!

Content I Have Created


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Ayers Furniture

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Keleny Top Soil

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Northpointe Construction

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Rare Steakhouse-Milwaukee

Ridings Plumbing

River House Apartments

Smith Funeral Home

Turville Bay


Numbers 4 Nonprofits

Brunsell Lumber

Keleny Top Soil

Madison Property Management (2013-2016)


Norm’s Door Service