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The Pointlessness of Twitter

I was once a HUGE supporter of Twitter. I loved the immediacy, the brevity, and the ability to connect with so many different people who shared similar interests. I still use Twitter now for SynRG Marketing and I pushed a lot of clients to the platform to help with branding and with customer service. I… Continue reading The Pointlessness of Twitter

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A/B Test Everything for Marketing

A/B testing is not new. Creating two “things” that have the same goal to see which is best is a no-brainer for any industry. For marketing purposes, it is a must and in recent years with the explosion of available instant data, testing your marketing ideas not only saves you time, it saves you money.… Continue reading A/B Test Everything for Marketing

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Bucket Brigades in Website Content

I had a conversation a few weeks ago with a friend of who is an SEO magician. I write content for her and she was asking about my writing style. She asked how I felt about “Bucket Brigades”. I chuckled and messaged her back that I have used them in her copy before and will… Continue reading Bucket Brigades in Website Content


Have You Really Looked at Your Content?

We’ve heard the catchphrase, “Content is King” and I have professed it for years in terms of SEO, Social and Email Marketing. But, I continue to discover web pages filled with nonsense content that could easily be fixed if someone performed a content audit on the site and offered suggestions to help with the content… Continue reading Have You Really Looked at Your Content?


Writing is Hard…for Some

I remember wanting to be a firefighter for a while as a kid. And then an astronaut after watching "SpaceCamp" in 1986 but my mother wasn't going to send me to Alabama. Plus, I'm not that great at math. At some point, around 11 or 12, I started paying attention to the news. I would… Continue reading Writing is Hard…for Some