Ron Giordan Everyone has a creative mind. Every person can imagine, dream, aspire and create. But, not everyone can get those ideas out in a concise way that everyone understands. Communication is hard, even for people in the communication business! But, for a person who says “I’m a writer”, words flow from their minds like drawings do for a graphic artist, algorithms for a computer scientist and recipes from a chef.

Business owners need to get found on the internet. Everyone understands the importance of “getting yourself or business out there!” But, focusing on building a business AND creating content for your website so you get found is difficult.

I have spent my entire career creating content. At 16 years old, I began writing newscasts for a morning radio station. I have produced local TV Newscasts in 6 different television markets across the United States. I was Assistant News Director of a Madison, Wisconsin TV Newsroom guiding producers, reporters and video-journalists in their daily news gathering assignments. I spent 3 years as Communication Director for the State Treasurer of the State of Wisconsin and shifted to running the content department for a Madison-based digital marketing agency with more than 80 clients throughout the Midwest.

I am a writer.

I create content.

I can help you create content that will get your business found and help your business grow.

-Ron Giordan
SynRG Marketing

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