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How Local Business Owners Should Be Operating During the Coronavirus Pandemic

coronavirus_covid19I will begin this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) blog with a warning: this is just my opinion on how local businesses that need foot traffic to survive should be handling this pandemic. Since I currently work with several businesses that need customers to survive, I think it’s only right that their digital content creator offers some advice.

Close Your Business Immediately

There’s no other way around this. Close your doors. People in all communities are staying home or working from home and are NOT going to purchase your items unless you are a grocery store or liquor store.

I know there are many business owners out there who just stopped reading. That’s fine, but the government will be closing everything down soon. No one is going to go to your jewelry store for rings anytime soon. No one is looking at appliances, clothing, musical instruments, bikes, whatever! SHUT YOUR DOORS.

Continue Your Business Social Media and Website Presence

You have many outlets now to continue talking to your clients. Your website has blog capabilities and you can post on social media. What should you post about? Unless people can buy from you online, it’s time to stop selling your products. Unless you are a service that doesn’t require products to be purchased, stop selling on social

It’s time to be a community member. It’s time to remind people you are their neighbor and friend and offer information that helps your community! How can families who have food insecurities find food since schools are closed? What can families do together to pass the time and not be on screens all day long? We aren’t forbidden from going outside; take a walk, take a bike ride, when it gets nicer, start to look at the landscape and make changes or prepare for a garden!

The lifeblood of this nation is our small, local businesses. All of us who either run one or patronize one frequently should be finding ways to help each other out.

This is where we can call each other “patriots”. This is where we show everyone that we are all in this together.

Also, do a little reading about how this all happened here in the U.S.


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