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5 Reasons to Switch Your Social Marketing Focus to Instagram

Social_Media_InstagramFor a few years now, I have been working with clients who understand the need to market their brands on Facebook but just don’t see the results they need. With the recent Facebook News Feed changes, it’s going to get harder to convince some clients they need to spend money to boost posts or place ads on that platform. They should be doing that, as I already mentioned. But, for those that want to move away from Facebook, I have seen results for other clients on Instagram and can show you how it works. Here are 5 reasons you to spend more time on Instagram to sell your products.

Time Spent on Instagram

A 2017 study offered surprising results for Instagram when compared to other social media platforms, including the behomoths, Facebook and Twitter. Instagram users spend a lot more time there than on any other platform.

In terms of seconds, Instagram users are on the platform an average of 192 seconds while on Twitter for 115 seconds and on Facebook for 105 seconds.

On a side note here, the other platforms that come close to matching time spent on Instagram are e-mails, direct, search and referral. Think about that for a second and consider why you’re only using social media to market yourself. I’ll write more on that in a future blog.

Instagram is The Most Engaging Social Platform (Right Now)

People love photos and are more engaged with photos that appeal to them. I’m not talking about just putting up product photos and asking to buy. I’m talking about really working on photos with color and scenes and placing products in the photos where you see them in use.

This is how to engage potential clients and get them to remember you when they need you in the future.

If you’re a brand and can get potential clients to engage with you using a simple photo, imagine what you can do when you get their info and send them direct emails!

Instagram Drives Sales

While more people buy from Facebook ads, on average, Instagram drives higher priced sales. Shopify researched this in 2017 and found Instagram sales average $65 while Facebook hit $55.

What does that mean to you?

What are you selling and what’s the cost? I have a current client now who is selling on both Facebook and Instagram and sells higher priced products. That client is seeing more sales on Instagram meaning the money spent goes a lot farther on Instagram and there’s a better ROI.

Instagram Encourages User-Generated Content

Since Instagram is pure visuals, and people love inserting themselves into any occasion, it only follows that user-generated content would be huge on the platform. Brands see huge increases in website traffic as well as social engagement when they encourage buyers to share photos of their purchases. Whole some might find the whole “selfie” trend a bit much, there’s nothing like seeing a happy customer and your product side-by-side with your brand tagged in that photo.

Remember, people will usually buy items from brands their friends have recommended.

Instagram is about Storytelling

I am big into storytelling. Your business has a story to tell and, if you tell it right, you will find people wanting to learn more and possibly buy from you. Because these stories are visual on Instagram, you can find fantastic ways to tell your story, tell your products story AND tell your clients’/buyers’ stories.

The stories are limitless and with Facebook making it harder on the feed, Instagram has some opportunity for you.

But, remember, Facebook owns Instagram, so who knows how long until Facebook changes the Instagram feed as well.

Are you in need of social marketing help? Are you unsure how to start and where to take your brand? I offer social media consulting services and am ready to help if you’re ready to learn!


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