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No, This Isn’t the End of Your Facebook Business Page – Unless You’re Cheap

business_advertising_frustrationWhen Facebook and social media erupted in the 2000s, many businesses and marketers began relying on the platforms for an easy AND FREE way to get their products and services in front of people. When Facebook announced changes to the News Feed last week the horror and terror from marketers, advertisers, publishers, and business owners reached a cacophony just before the weekend.

Facebook would be making sure people saw their families and friends posts first and all the time. This is in direct response to the “fake news” that many of you responded to in 2016.

Now, your product selling posts are going to see less reach than the 2% you saw in 2017.

What will you do with your Facebook Business Page?

How will you sell product and services on Facebook?

When social media began, and many of you started using it to sell, some of you also decided that marketing/advertising should be free or, at least, cheap. This is a ridiculous notion. Many of you thought, incorrectly, “I can get my product information out and get buyers and do it for free on social media! Who needs to spend money on radio and television commercials or even website advertising?”

When Facebook started “pay to play” some of you said, “HELL NO!”

You probably aren’t in business anymore.

This is no way to market your business. Word of mouth is great. It helps some very small businesses: small realtors, small contractors, lawn care services, etc. It does not sell your products online or get your name out to the masses.

To make money, you HAVE TO SPEND MONEY. Facebook is just reminding you of this.

Do you want to know why your competition is growing and you’re not?

They are paying not only for radio ads or TV ads or Google ads, they are paying for social media ads. And they are spending A LOT. Why do you think Facebook’s stock has grown exponentially since it went public? Sure, it took a 6% drop when they announced the News Feed change last week and then it climbed back-up.

You can’t expect to grow your business without advertising.

Advertising costs money. Advertising on Facebook costs money.

The place where lots of people spend time once or twice a week or everyday is Facebook. If you want to grow, you need to figure out how much you can spend to have people see your business.

You also need to have someone who understands how social media advertising engagement works. When you’re ready to grow, we are ready to help.

Now, spend a few minutes on Facebook enjoying your relatives’ vacation and kid photos…then scroll some more and see all the businesses on the feed that will remain there because they decided to spend some money.


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