Getting That Qualified Lead via Content Marketing

Qualified_LeadsYou want qualified leads that turn into sales. Sounds simple, right? Why would anyone want to give you their email so you can send them marketing collateral and sell your “stuff” to them?

The easy answer to this: the content they just read that you produced was so valuable, they want more.

The hard part: creating that valuable content. Subjectivity comes into play when we discuss valuable content. Here is how I decide if the content I am creating will work to grab qualified leads.

Does the Content Satisfy a Need?

Every person needs fulfillment of a need when they are searching the Internet; need to buy, need for information, need help, etc. When creating content, I am not only looking at the keywords we are trying to target but I am also looking to capture attention, help the reader in some way and leave them having their need fulfilled. If that happens, we are one step closer to grabbing that lead.

Does The Content Fit Your “Voice?”

Each business should discover their “voice”. I help business owners find their “voice” if they haven’t figured it out yet. Branding helps. But, many owners don’t know who they are, meaning, how do they want to sound online.

Are they funny and witty?

Are they purely analytical?

Are they constantly selling?

Part of knowing your voice means knowing your audience and creating “buyer personas.” If you figure out the right persona, you can write content specifically for them and they will, in turn, give you their email to see more of your content and hopefully buy your product.

Does the Content offer a “Call to Action?”

Oddly enough, I believe this is the hardest part of content marketing. It would be simple to end a blog or content marketing piece with “Click here to contact us and learn more!” And that works occasionally.

A real call to action (CTA) needs to offer a bit more that “contact us.” I believe CTAs need to give the possible lead something else; something free, something downloadable and something that will help them with their original need.

Is it a whitepaper with more information?

Is it a chance to try your product for free?

Is it the chance to talk with someone on the phone to get the help they need?

Regardless, the call to action is as important as the keywords you used in the content as it is what will grab that lead and let you talk to them on a more personal level.

I’ll make this easy:

I’ll do a FREE analysis of your website content and let you know where you are doing well and where you need help. All I need is your email and website and we can begin the process!

(Blatant call to action – but it is an offer!)

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