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Bucket Brigades in Website Content

SEO_Bucket_BrigadesI had a conversation a few weeks ago with a friend of who is an SEO magician. I write content for her and she was asking about my writing style. She asked how I felt about “Bucket Brigades”. I chuckled and messaged her back that I have used them in her copy before and will use them more if she is seeing it help with a page ranking.

You are asking right now, “Bucket Brigades”?


Conversational Website Content

Bucket brigades are the term for conversational phrases or structural techniques interspersed in your website content.

Let me explain:

Since an actual bucket brigade is a line of people who pass water buckets to each other to put out a fire, in this context, a bucket brigade helps keep people from jumping from your page. You are putting out the fire that might get them to leave your page too quickly.

Remember, the longer they are on your page, the better your ranking from Google.

Bucket brigades can be phrases such as:

“Here’s the Deal:”

“Here’s what I mean:”

“This is why…”

Bucket brigades are also how I just switched the look of this blog from longer paragraphs to shorter sentences.

Using colons and ellipses.

You know you do it…you skim articles.

You want quick sentences and a reason to take an action.

You will notice bold letters thinking it’s important!

You will look for easy-to-understand-graphics with just enough copy to get you understanding the point.

Will Bucket Brigades Work All the time in Website Content?

That’s a good question right there.

My feeling is it depends on the product or services being sold and lots of data investigation from your search optimization specialist or analyst.

In the end, good content and storytelling keeps people on the page and deciding whether to use your service or buy your product.


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